Term And Condition

Refund Policy

All Refund requests must be done via Refund Form form provided. Once we have received your request and have confirmed all necessary information with you via e-mail including your Transaction ID, we will inform you via email that your account has been refunded . Your Refund confirmation request will contain a ticket number in the subject for the your reference and for verification.

We require that all refund requests to be done via online form to a) confirm your identity b) once your refund has been processed your account will be canceled and all your data , files and emails will be removed.

Sanvhost gives you a 7 day money back guarantee on shared hosting and reseller accounts for any customer who paid for the invoice with a credit card or with paypal . Under certain circumstances a refund will be given at the discretion of the management.

There are no refunds on Domain Purchase , administrative fees, and one time install fees if any. Refund requests for shared hosting and reseller hosting after 30 days will refunded on prorated basis of any unused time.

Only first time accounts will be eligible for refunds . For example if you already had an account with us and canceled and then signed up again you will not be eligible for refund or if you have opened a second account with us.

Violations of the Terms of Service will waive the refund policy.

  • Run stand alone unattended server-side processes , any type of spider or indexer, any software that interferes with IRC network, any Bit torrent application , tracker or client, you may link to legal torrents off-site, but may not host or store them on our shared servers. Any file sharing , peer to peer activity , cron entries with interval less than 10 min.
  • Run any Mysql queries for longer then 15 seconds, mysql table should be indexed appropriately. When using PHP include functions for including a local file, include the local file rather than the URL.
  • On VPS Accounts no full refund will be offered after 7 days of service , we reserve the right to refund a prorated amount or no refund at all.
  • VPS accounts may not exceed 15 min load average greater then 2 times the amount of cpu cores given.
  • Our backup service is provided to you as courtesy and we are not responsible for your files . or data loss residing on your account may it be shared hosting or vps account unless you have purchased Backup services as an add on. Backups will not be provided for accounts that have been suspended or terminated for any reason unless otherwise agreed in written communication.
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